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Boss Guild is currently recruiting players on Yggdrasil. We are active, fun, friendly, and competitive.

And we would love YOU to be a BOSS!

What makes us different from other guilds? Unlike many guilds out there, we understand the feeling of being neglected when you are a noob. We wont neglect anyone just because their levels (hopefully not level) are low. We believe EVERYONE should be able to enjoy a fun and competitive guild. After all this IS a MMORPG where lvl may be obtained by ANYONE through TIME INVESTMENT.


Guild Master: rawsteak

Guild Capacity: 56

Average level of guilds-men: 126

Allies: Cry More Bro, Loki's Realm, Volkiba

Requirements: Main/Actives.

WoE: WoE1 and WoE2.

Ethnicity: Just about every one you can think off. You will find people on during the day and night. =D~

What events do we participate in?: PvM, Grampa's Turn-In Quests, Eden Quests, WoE, PvP, Endless Tower, MvP, Leveling, Guild Dungeon, lots of chatting much more!~

Guild Spot: Eden kitchen located @ east portal of eden 1.

Join Boss and we will do everything we can to help you level
and get the equips you need. We will take the time to teach you how to build your character to get the most out of it weather your goal is PvM/MVP or PvP/WoE; moreover, we will teach you tactics and strategy (emphasizing on sharpening basic skills through increasing reaction and team work) to become a smart player in the RO world rather than just pwning with Uber equips. You dont have to have UBER +12 equips to own. Strategy and Tactics are just as important. In return, we ask for your dedication, honesty and loyalty!~


We came, we saw, we broke the yellow Emp!
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